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The CalligraSticker

A brand new way to practice calligraphy!

The CalligraSticker, written in Copperplate style, can be used as an exemplar for casual calligraphy practices at home or on-the-go.


| How to use |

- Simply stick them on your favorite writing paper/notebook, use this sticker as an exemplar and start practicing;

- The re-sealable stickers allow you to reuse them several times (stickiness will deteriorate after several use);

- Transparent design allows you to see the lines of your paper which facilitate your practice;

- Or simply use them to embellish your planners and journals or for personalization.

The CalligraSticker

HK$48.00 Regular Price
HK$40.00Sale Price
  • | Sticker Size | 210 x 150mm

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