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Immersed in LETTERS | Patrick Leung

Immersed in Letters
Published by Patrick Leung, a native of Hong Kong with over 30 years of expertise in western calligraphy, this book is a valuable follow-up to Patrick’s 2008 Western Calligraphy by Chinese Hand. Featuring diverse calligraphy works from traditional to multidimensional art pieces, this second portfolio book showcases Patrick’s taste for a cultural fusion of this western art.

This book compiles over 65 calligraphy works created in 2021 and 2022. It records life experiences, social issues, past exhibition pieces and commercial projects. Patrick considers this the final collection of his best-selected calligraphy works. 

About the Author
Patrick Leung’s journey from rock music to western calligraphy started in the notorious late 70s, the golden age of British and American Rock. Among established new wave identities, JAPAN was an initial light to Patrick’s calligraphy path. He was first intrigued by the handwritten titles on the covers of their singles Nightporter, Ghost, Cantonese Boy and Visions of China. It was a time that portrayed a good generation of freedom and imagination, and the days of Patrick’s rebellious youth when his writing career set sail. 

Patrick took advantage of his time off his graphic design job at the Cathay Pacific Airways back in the 80s and signed up for his first calligraphy course. An opportunity to take a calligraphy course in the US came in 1994. He then found himself in major workshops where he could learn from teachers around the world and polish his skills in the years that followed.  

Over the years, he has been a strong part of the growth of brush and pen. He has taught many students over Asia and Europe and created many personal pieces for exhibitions and private collectors. During the course of creation, he explored different types of tools and art mediums like experimenting on the Japanese semi-absorbent hemp paper/ linen paper 栖鳳紙, Gampi paper 雁皮紙, rice paper, acrylic board and layered glass. The idea of applying flat brush techniques to the dip pen and vice versa was boldly executed.

Although Patrick had never expected calligraphy to become his career, it has now been over a decade since the release of his last self-published book — Western Calligraphy by Chinese Hand. He was most honoured by having Professor Hermann Zapf, a true giant of this field, to generously give his book an introduction and the perfect title. Hermann Zapf’s successor, Julian Waters, also contributed to writing the foreword of this book, bringing valuable insights to readers.

A decade is not a short time. The world order changed, a number of times. Patrick thinks it is particularly a blessing to be able to keep one’s passion growing throughout life. With this in mind, Patrick’s genuine hope is to be that light to the coming generations in search of their creative sparks in the art.

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Immersed in LETTERS
Release date: 12 December 2022
Publisher: Patrick Leung
Paper: Fedrigoni
Printing: 4C Offset
Binding: Perfect binding
Tirm size: 225 X 300mm
Pages: 144
Price: HK$400
Limited to 400 copies

Immersed in LETTERS | Patrick Leung

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