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(Printed) Copperplate Calligraphy Practice Pad

Learn and master the elegant Copperplate calligraphy on your own. This comprehensive guide is delivered through text, image, and video for an optimal learning experience. Clear diagrams and concise textual explanations are complimented with demo videos accessible through QR code to guide learners through every step of the way. The guide includes instructions on writing each letter and number along with handling introduction to calligraphy tools.


Separate pads are designed for lowercase letters and uppercase letters. In the practice section, the lowercase pad features over 130 sets of letters and words for letter connection practice and the uppercase pad covers over 100 words in basic and flourished Copperplate in addition to a section on number writing. You will learn the entire range of Copperplate script to write for all occasions.


>The guide is available in print and in digital format. The printed guide is executed on high quality paper for best writing result. Click link to purchase the digital minuscule and digital majuscule pad.


>Calligraphy tool kit is also available for purchase for straightaway at-home practice. Click here to purchase the calligraphy tool kit.

(Printed) Copperplate Calligraphy Practice Pad

PriceFrom HK$168.00
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