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Calligraphy Card Set

The Calligraphy Card is a  set of cards, envelopes and templates that allows you to get the most of calligraphy! We all know how much fun it is to make a handwritten card, but sometimes it can be overwhelming for beginners to design their own card without guidance. With the Calligraphy Card Set, you can easily transfer the beautiful wordings and write it on your own. No messy drafting and ruling needed, just write and have fun!


What's included in the set:

- 2 Blank Folded Cards (in Coral & Mid-Green colors)

- 2 Envelopes (in Cream White)

- 4 Greeting Templates (Thank You, Happy Birthday, Good Luck and Merry Christmas)

- 1 Resuable Transfer Paper


Watch this video to learn how to make a card with the Calligraphy Card Set.




>> To purchase extra blank cards: Folded Cards | Single Cards


Calligraphy Card Set

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