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Coliro (Finetec) Pearlcolor- Box Set

Coliro Pearlcolors are artist's colors that can be mixed with water and then used with a brush or nib.


They are very creamy and highly pigmented. They are being produced by the Finetec GmbH in Germany since 2005. They are handmade with great attention to detail. The main components of Pearlcolors are mica pigments and gum arabic, both natural ingedients.


This "Magical Creatures" set contains 6 colors include Sphinx, Unicorn, Mermaid, Fairy, Medusa and Dragon (appear in different shades depending lighting and color of paper). A box is provided to fit the 6 pans neatly.


How to use

Drop a bit of water onto the Pearlcolor, then wait for a couple of minutes until the pigments are being dissolved. Then mix well with a brush until the color reaches a creamy consistency.

The color then can be used directly with a brush or applied to both sides of the nib for calligraphy.

Coliro (Finetec) Pearlcolor- Box Set

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