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Bullock Flange Oblique Pen Holder

Handmade oblique penholder by Taki Carfts, with beautifully installed Bullock flange that fits basically any nib. Come in 6 different colors, each carefully currated by hand in Japan.


To use, fit different nibs into the different session of the flange. Upper part fits nibs such as Nikko G, Zebra G and Hunt 101. Middle part fits smaller nibs such as LPEF, Brause 66EF and Gillott 303. To learn how to fit the nibs into the flange, please visit . Taki-san has a very detailed explanation about the usage of the bullock flange.


Flange : Bullock Flange in Brass gold

Length : About 16cm

Weight : About 8g

Material: Wood

Finish: Gloss


**Note: Handmade product. The actual colour may be slightly different from the image.

Bullock Flange Oblique Pen Holder

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